Yes, we have Snowden to thank for NSA surveillance debate

It's hard to imagine the debate would have unfolded as it did without Edward Snowden's revelations.

Right-sizing the security state

It's time for a serious rethinking of NSA surveillance.

  • Ryan Cooper
  • ·
  • Oct 28, 2013

What the heck is the point of snooping on Angela Merkel?

It's time for a more streamlined surveillance system, for the good of the country.

  • Ryan Cooper
  • ·
  • Oct 24, 2013

The case for Syria may be worse than Iraq

Obama is in a weaker position today that Bush was when he took us into Iraq

  • Alex Seitz-Wald
  • ·
  • Aug 30, 2013

Obama embraces NSA surveillance reform, but how deep will it go?

Congress still has a responsibility to ensure that reform ends up being meaningful.

Reform of NSA surveillance is probably inevitable

What's striking is the amount of different ways in which lawmakers are taking aim at the once seemingly impregnable NSA surveillance monolith.

Keep chipping away at NSA secrecy

For all the media attention to NSA surveillance, there's been startlingly little attention to the policy fixes that would actually do something about the secrecy shrouding it.

On civil liberties, uphill struggle continues

A bit of movement when it comes to the Justice Department's treatment of the media, but not much else.

Dem leaders must step it up on NSA surveillance

Most Democratic leaders still are not prepared to back a bill that would declassify FISA court opinions creating a body of secret surveillance law.

Glenn Greenwald pushes back hard on latest Edward Snowden “revelations”

Snowden says in an interview that he got the job at Booz Allen to get access to documents to prove surveillance. But what does that really tell us?

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