VIDEO: Coming out as a caregiver

Jack Watters at Washington Post Live’s Caregiving in America forum in Seattle. (Photo by Scott Eklund/The Washington Post)

“Caregivers are not sick. They don’t want sick time. They don’t want unpaid sick leave. Caregivers are active members of society who are doing an important job at home and they’re also doing an important job at work. [The challenge] is to get the employers to understand that. We all have to work from inside. We all have to talk about it. I manage various people who are caregivers. They can telecommute; they have the flexibility. We just have to show it and talk about it and just act and walk that walk. I think that’s how it starts. Legislation makes people do what they have to do. But I really believe that when corporations can start before it’s required, that builds incredible loyalty and you want to work there.”

-Jack Watters, vice president for external medical affairs, Pfizer


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