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Posted at 10:41 AM ET, 06/03/2011

Palin sputters nonsense about Geithner’s debt-ceiling warnings

Earlier this week, Sarah Palin demonstrated why certain stars should never dabble in politics when she said the Republican Party platform is “best for America” because “[i]t’s all about respecting equality.” Nevermind the document calls for etching discrimination into the Constitution with an amendment banning same-sex marriage. Well, yesterday, Palin was at it again. This time sputtering nonsense about Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s warnings about the danger of not raising the national debt limit.

Palin took time out from stomping all over Mitt Romney’s announcement in New Hampshire that he is running for president to cast aspersions on Geithner while she was at a clambake in New Hampshire.

If the debt ceiling were to be increased based on what I believe to be Timothy Geithner’s false statements to the American public — that a catastrophe would befall us all if the debt ceiling isn’t raised — a failure of leadership in the House would be if we were to cave and believe that.

And what did Palin mean by “false statements”? The half-term governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee explained that Geithner has “given us now four different due dates where catastrophe would befall us if the debt ceiling is not raised. . . . Well, once bitten, twice shy. How many more times are we going to have to hear this date change?”

If I had hair long enough I’d be tearing at it right now.

What the best-selling author and GOP mischief-maker refuses to do is
read the letters from Geithner to Congress  explaining exactly what would happen if the United States failed to meet its obligations for the first time in its history. His last letter discussed the extraordinary measures being taken to protect the full faith and credit of the United States. Measures that will only put off catastrophe until Aug. 2. It is possible that the date is pushed back again if Treasury is lucky enough to report finding more coins in the nation’s seat cushions. Big if, though.

Palin is joined by Charles Krauthammer in her disbelief of Geithner’s warnings. He argues today that even after Aug. 2, Treasury can keep moving money around to cover the nation’s debts. But unlike a seemingly blase Palin, Krauthammer recognizes and accepts the very real consequences of default and presents a plan for getting the nation’s balance sheet in order. While I don’t agree with his embrace of Speaker John Boehner’s dollar-for-dollar deal, at least Krauthammer constructively adds to the debate.

Would that someone who aspires to be taken seriously on the national political stage thought enough of her party and her country to do the same. Then again, Palin is a star. To demand more of her is to demand too much.

By  |  10:41 AM ET, 06/03/2011

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