The ridiculous Chris Christie report

Look, I cut my teeth as an opinion writer at the New York Daily News in Rudy Giuliani’s New York. That’s why I suffered significant whiplash watching Mastro and Giuliani defend something that hizzoner and his lieutenants would have blasted as worthless.

The power of words

Word-association games can often reveal a bedrock perception of an individual or thing. What if we applied this parlor game to the prospective field of 2016 presidential candidates? If you were given the name of a prospective candidate, what is the first word or phrase that pops into your mind? Here’s my partial list: Chris […]

By Carter Eskew March 28

The Insiders: What CPAC does and does not teach us

The young student profile of the CPAC crowd makes it easy to suggest that CPAC says something about the future of the Republican party. But in fact, a lot of the attendees were College Republicans, who are traditionally an angrier, more libertarian shard of the party.

By Ed Rogers March 10

Op-graphic: Christie and ‘Bridgegate’ decoded

Based on the pre-interview notes for my appearance on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” last night, I quickly created a cheat sheet on my tablet of my thoughts on “Bridgegate” and the travails of Gov. Chris Christie. The one thought that piqued my interest was the producer’s view that there are two levels to the George […]