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Killing cops in the name of Brown and Garner compounds the national tragedy

“Just because we believe BlackLivesMatter doesn’t mean we don’t believe NYPDLivesMatter."

The Insiders: Confirmation of the new AG is not an opportunity for the GOP

Unless there is a stunning revelation that would disqualify her, Republicans should allow Loretta Lynch's nomination to be the next attorney general to go through a normal, mostly low-key process.

  • Ed Rogers
  • ·
  • Nov 10, 2014
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Regrets, Eric Holder has a few

The outgoing attorney general's comments on reporters and press freedom were particularly noteworthy.

Understanding Eric Holder’s tearful resignation

Attorney General Holder revels in as much as he is humbled by his role in this nation’s history.

The unrealistic expectations of Obama in Ferguson shooting

He has neither been silent about nor disengaged from the shooting of Michael Brown.

First lady and Holder talk race in a nation ‘bothered’ by it

A poll on racial attitudes shows why conversations on race are imperative.

Bundy, Sterling and a ‘nation of cowards’

The conversations on race we need to have are going to require more courage than what’s on display now.

The Justice Department’s smart new marijuana policy

The Obama administration won't interfere with Colorado and Washington's legalization.

Targeting Eric Holder

If Holder leaves it won’t be because the president pushed him out. It’ll be because he has had enough of the [barnyard epithet goes here] of Washington.