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Bruce Jenner’s teachable moment on being transgender

A sensitive topic reduced to crude jokes and lurid observations had its humanity restored.

What it means to be transgender

Opinions writer Jonathan Capehart explains how Bruce Jenner and Jacob Lemay can only further our understanding of what it means to be transgender.

Bruce Jenner, Jacob Lemay and what it means to be transgender

Their revelation can only help to further our collective understanding of what it means to be transgender.

Republican contortions on gay weddings

GOP presidential aspirants who say they’re listening to the American people should follow them on marriage equality.

Family is important to Marco Rubio, just not gay families

For someone billing himself as the candidate of tomorrow, Rubio’s exclusionary view of family is mired in 1950s idealism.

Hillary Clinton, culture warrior on gay rights

Some Republicans insist on continuing to fight a war they have lost.

Obama comes out against ‘conversion therapy’ to support ‘Leelah’s Law’

Forcing people to change who they are when nothing is wrong with who they are is as horrifying as it is loathsome.

Don’t bite Apple and Tim Cook for gay-rights ‘hypocrisy’

Some of his most acerbic critics call him a hypocrite for speaking out at home while remaining mute abroad. The validity of that criticism only goes so far.

Gays follow big business in religious freedom fight

Allies they’ve spent decades cultivating take the lead in a fight for their rights without having to be asked.

No freedom from religion for gays in Indiana

Hiding flagrant prejudice behind God’s grace.

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