PostScript: Robinson and insufficient outrage

Readers respond to Robinson's search for outrage on unemployment insurance.

PostScript: Dionne and a leftward surge

Readers respond to Dionne on the leftly tilting Democrats.

PostScript: Will and Obama’s overreach

Readers respond to Will on Obama's selective enforcement of laws.

PostScript: Parker and what race is Santa anyway

Readers respond to the columnist's thoughts on Santa Claus's race.

PostScript: Maddow and Bush’s legacy

Readers respond to Maddow on the Bush administration's failure to nurture career politicians.

PostScript: Parker and talking-to-women points

Readers respond to Parker on the GOP and the ladies.

PostScript: The job of implementing Obamacare

Readers respond to Inslee, Beshear and Malloy's assessment of the health-care law..

PostScript: Krauthammer and ACA stakes

Readers respond to his column on Obamacare's impact on liberalism.

PostScript: Will and reasonable concessions

Readers respond to Will on Democrats' unwillingness to compromise.

PostScript: Krauthammer on making shutdownade

Readers respond to Krauthammer on the way out of this mess.

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