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The fight for LGBT equality: ‘It’s not over’ no matter what Supreme Court does

Those against LGBT equality might have given up the battle against marriage equality, but they are not giving up the overall war.

What the GOP could learn from Ireland on gay marriage

Pity the Republican field is incapable of seeing same-sex marriage with Irish eyes.

Jeb Bush is as wrong as Ruth Bader Ginsburg is right on gay marriage

He opposes them while she performs them.

The 21st century beckons the Republican Party on gay marriage

The most succinct diagnosis of what ails the GOP and how to cure it.

David Cameron victory also a win for gay marriage

This ought to be a lesson for Republican politicians who always lambast liberal U.S. leadership in favor of our conservative cousins in the U.K.

Republican contortions on gay weddings

GOP presidential aspirants who say they’re listening to the American people should follow them on marriage equality.

Hat tip to Ben Carson for apology on prison and gays

This is the second time Carson has acquitted himself relatively well in my eyes in recent weeks.

Legally married today, legally fired tomorrow

Despite gains on same-sex marriage, employment discrimination is still a problem for LGBT Americans.

The internal challenges facing the LGBT movement

The gay community must face the struggles in its own backyard if it is to sustain the spectacular momentum of the past decade.

The challenging post-gay-marriage terrain for LGBT Americans

A troubling survey reveals an uncomfortable cultural divide and a lack of real acceptance of LGBT Americans.

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