The Insiders: Are there any political consequences to the Bergdahl debacle?

The White House will continue to dismiss the president’s critics as fringe fanatics, no matter what happens with Bowe Bergdahl or the five Taliban prisoners whose house arrest ends in May.

  • Ed Rogers
  • ·
  • Mar 26, 2015

The Insiders: As White House insiders talk, the Bergdahl story boils

The Bowe Bergdahl situation is just another example of this administration's lack of self-awareness and foreign policy failures.

  • Ed Rogers
  • ·
  • Jun 4, 2014

The Insiders: Geithner and Pfeiffer both did their jobs

Political handlers always want to enhance the good and diminish the bad, and they rely on the policy people to tell them how far their spin can go.

  • Ed Rogers
  • ·
  • May 13, 2014

The Insiders: Susan Rice’s payday

The Susan Rice appointment shows that Obama is more interested in showcasing his grievances than he is in providing good governance.

  • Ed Rogers
  • ·
  • Jun 5, 2013

Obama right about Benghazi ‘sideshow’

The scandal is not in what Rice said. No, the scandal is that all this congressional table-thumping doesn’t address the real issue of diplomatic security.

PostScript: Marcus and the white-guy cabinet

Readers respond to Marcus's discomfort at white guys replacing women and minorities in Obama's cabinet

Two words missing from Benghazi report

In the 39 pages of the unclassified report on the Benghazi, Libya, attack of Sept. 11, 2012, Susan Rice never appears.

Newtown and the fog of incomplete information

Much was wrong in the first reports of what happened in Connecticut, as in Libya.

  • Colbert I. King
  • ·
  • Dec 17, 2012

An unfortunate end to Susan Rice’s non-nomination

The lengthy public twisting-in-the-wind process reflected badly on nearly everyone involved.

The ignoble hounding of Susan Rice

Three senators belittled her experience, questioned her competence and wondered about her temperament for a job that she was only rumored to be considered for.

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