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Paralyzed by watching black men and boys die

Each video adds a name to a tragic membership list that haunts those of us who feel duty bound to maintain the roll.

From Trayvon Martin to ‘black lives matter’

The multiracial movement was conceived in the early evening of Feb. 26, 2012, in Sanford, Fla.

The internal challenges facing the LGBT movement

The gay community must face the struggles in its own backyard if it is to sustain the spectacular momentum of the past decade.

Tamir Rice and Michael Brown didn’t deserve to die

"No one knows our children like we do."

The terrifying police shootings of unarmed black men

No standard of conduct is too good or too mundane to protect a black man’s life.

A mother’s grief: From Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown

“My family and I continue to pray for them during their darkest hour of burying a child.”

Don’t be fooled by fake George Zimmerman art

The story was too shocking -- even for the person at the center of it.

‘Colbert’ tweet not even close to worst moment in race relations this week

Yet another turbulent couple of weeks for race relations in America.

George Zimmerman’s bloody autograph

We have long known that George Zimmerman is a craven attention-seeker. But what the killer of Trayvon Martin did over the weekend was, well, just beyond.

George Zimmerman is no ‘scapegoat’

Astounded. That’s the only way to describe CNN’s Chris Cuomo after he entered the delusional world of George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin.

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