Setting the scene

After more than six months of controversy over U.S. surveillance policies, President Obama is speaking at the U.S. Department of Justice on Friday to outline how he intends to restore trust in the National Security Agency and in the government’s ability to balance national security and privacy interests. Check here for live updates and analysis from the Post’s national security, technology and White House reporters.

Setting the scene

4 numbers you need to know

Is Obama 'ending' phone program?

Julian Assange to respond on CNN

Greenwald decries 'PR gesture'

Obama's full policy directive

Obama running late

Obama to end eavesdropping on friendly heads of state

Obama cites Paul Revere

Five big takeaways from the speech

Obama highlights ethics vs. capabilities

Obama stresses own reservations

Snowden gets a mention

Metadata could have given away Paul Revere

Here are Obama's major NSA reforms, in plain English

Obama on traditions

Running transcript of Obama's remarks

A rationale for reforms

Obama 'not complacent'

Pushback from Obama on foreign spying

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