Clinton teases about a woman president at Emily’s List gala

The likely presidential candidate got a whooping round of applause from a friendly audience.

House passes bill to fully fund Homeland Security

The bill will not target President Obama's executive actions on immigration, which could disappoint many conservatives.

Complete text of Obama’s remarks after Netanyahu speech

Obama said there was 'nothing new' in Netanyahu's remarks.

Netanyahu warns that nuclear deal ‘paves Iran’s path’ to a bomb

Netanyahu said Iran's "tentacles of terror" pose a "grave threat" to Israel and the world.

In U.S.-Israel dispute over Iran, Elie Wiesel emerges as unlikely protagonist

Wiesel, a personal friend of President Obama, has been an outspoken critic of a possible nuclear deal with Iran since 2013.

Koch network offers clue of who it will back in 2016 GOP primary

Jeb Bush pounces on Hillary Clinton’s e-mail woes — but he’s not perfect either

Florida governor touts the release of his emails from his personal account -- but he's only released messages pertaining to official business -- nothing about his political work.

The early reviews for Netanyahu’s speech are in

Twitter reacts.

The complete transcript of Netanyahu’s address to Congress

A running transcript of his speech.

Feingold to travel Wisconsin ‘extensively’ ahead of potential Senate bid

The former senator sounds like he is gearing up for a run.

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