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Ann Romney: ‘Heavyweight champion’

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – There are a lot of ways Mitt Romney introduces his wife to voters on the campaign trail, often pointing out her natural good looks. He calls Ann Romney “my sweetheart” and “my girlfriend.” Sometimes, dating themselves, he calls her “my steady.”

But he doesn’t usually refer to her as a “heavyweight.” The Republican presidential candidate did just that here on Monday, telling a town hall crowd of hundreds on the floor of a Youngstown factory: “I’ll introduce to you the heavyweight champion of my life.”

Then, the adoring husband corrected himself. “I didn’t mean weight,” he said, laughing. “That didn’t come out right. She’s just a great fighter is what I mean. And I say that because anyone who can raise five boys and keep them on the straight and narrow, that’s a champion.”
Not that kind of “heavyweight”: Ann Romney has some fun with her husband’s faux pas Monday in Youngstown, Ohio. (Gerald Herbert - AP)

When Ann Romney took the microphone, she played along. “If this goes on much longer, I will be the heavyweight champion. Things are getting a little tight. This is what happens if you’re on the campaign trail. We’ve been on this for a long time now, and you don’t always get to eat like you like or exercise like you like or always get the sleep you need.”

Then she gave a short speech about reining in the federal deficit – “I’m angry because we have 16 grandchildren and I do not want them inheriting our excesses,” she said – before turning to her husband.

“Now Mitt’s wondering if I’m ever gonna give him the microphone,” she quipped. “I could just go on because I’ve heard his speech, and I might as well just give it.” 

At that, the audience laughed, Ann Romney exited the stage, and Mitt Romney delivered his speech.

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