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Cain: Sexual harassment allegations are false, a ‘witch hunt’

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Herman Cain, in a speech Monday at the National Press Club, again denied that he had ever sexually harassed anyone, calling the allegations against him awitch hunt.”

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“I would be delighted to clear the air,” he said, to a supportive crowd that cheered as he spoke. “Number one, in all of my over 40 years of business experience, I have never sexually harraseed anyone; number two, while at the restaurant association I was accused of sexual harassment, falsely accused.”

Cain said that while head of the National Restaurant Association, he recused himself from the investigation into the claims brought by at least two women and let his general counsel and human resources department handle it.

He said that he wasn’t aware of any financial settlement, reported to be five figures, that was made to the two women, who eventually left the association. Asked if he knew the source of the allegations, he said that now he is in the top tier of candidates, he is getting more scrutiny.

“This bullseye on my back has gotten bigger,” he said. “We have no idea the source of this witch hunt, which is really what it is.”

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