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Election 2012: What should the primary role of government be in your life? Tell us with #MyGovernment

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We’re inching closer to South Carolina’s Republican primary, with no shortage of campaign trail drama (read: Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife issues, Rick Perry’s surprise debate vacancy and Herman Cain’s “South Cain-olina” rally).

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Occupy Charleston protesters demonstrate outside the CNN Republican presidential debate in Charleston, S.C.

The Republican primary drama hurtles on as public sentiment toward government continues its dismal downward trend: 84 percent of Americans disapproved of Congress in a recent Washington Post-ABC poll. In another poll, 54 percent blamed former president George W. Bush for the bad economy, compared to 30 percent for Obama, which may bode badly for Republicans.

Such is the political climate as the 2012 election kicks off in ernest.

As the candidates work to convince us that they have what it takes to get our country back on track, we ask you:

What is the primary role of government in our lives?

And which presidential candidate’s priorities align best with your view of good government? Submit us your responses on YouTube by tagging your video “My Government WP” or on Twitter with the hashtag #MyGovernment. Be sure to tell us your name and where you’re from when submitting videos. We’ll be publishing them over the course of the entire campaign. We asked a few voters in South Carolina this question, and here’s what they had to say:

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