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Herman Cain: I can talk about 27

To those who think Herman Cain is just about 9-9-9, think again.

Businessman Herman Cain. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)
“I can talk about 27,” the businessman and former GOP presidential contender told social conservatives at the annual Faith and Freedom Coalition summit Friday night.

Cain did take a moment in his address to the ballroom of enthusiastic activists to recite a poem that he recently wrote in appreciation of the conference venue: the Renaissance Hotel, at 999 Ninth Street NW.

Cain’s poem, “999 9th Street”:

999 9th Street is the place to be
The Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C.
A major conference there was meant to be
Where Mr. 9-9-9 is scheduled to speak
Some will say, it’s just pure luck
Others will say, it’s for a few bucks
To heck with the skeptics who don’t have a plan
Because 9-9-9 has captivated the Land
So jeer if you will the 9-9-9 man
Soon, it will become the law of the land

“I didn’t want Obama to erase it from the Internet before you had a chance to see it,” Cain told the crowd.

He went on to take a page from Mitt Romney’s playbook, reciting verses from “America the Beautiful.”

Cain told attendees that if President Obama is re-elected, “We’re going to be living in a nightmare; we’re going to be living in an absolute nightmare.”

Of polls showing Obama with a 48 percent job-approval rating, Cain asked, “Who are these stupid people?”

And of the task facing conservatives in November, he said: “Let me tell you how you defeat Goliath: with an army of Davids.”

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