PPP Poll: Todd Akin isn’t dead yet

If talking about "legitimate rape" is going to doom Republican Rep. Todd Akin's Senate bid, it hasn't happened yet. An automated Public Policy Polling survey taken Monday night has Akin at 44 percent and Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) at 43 percent. That's basically where the Missouri Senate race was in May.

The poll isn't exactly good news for Akin. Other recent surveys gave him a significant lead:

But PPP's takeaway is that Akin could still win this thing. Whether he can survive the pressure from Republicans to drop out is a whole different question. While voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Akin's foray into reproductive science, pollster Tom Jensen explains, "for many voters their dislike of McCaskill trumps their concerns about Akin."

Rachel Weiner covers local politics for The Washington Post.
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