Connie Mack brags about U.S. medals

A short speech from the Florida Senate candidate gets polite applause but not much of an enthusiastic response. Like many convention speakers before him, Rep. Connie Mack talked about a friend who achieved the American Dream:

In 1960, Kiko fled Castro's Cuba. He came to New York. He became a taxi driver. He worked hard and saved his money. He became a citizen. He moved to Florida. He started a business building boats. He raised a family. He put his children through school. He sold his business. Now he worries about what opportunities lie ahead for his children and their children.

Unlike the others, Mack appears to have missed a memo -- there was no reference to how Kiko "built it." 

One veer off-script: Mack touted the fact that "our athletes in London who brought home more medals than any other country -- even more than China." 

Rachel Weiner covers local politics for The Washington Post.
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Rachel Weiner · August 30, 2012