Romney bio video hits the campaign trail

September 18, 2012

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- Donors and other supporters of Mitt Romney's campaign have expressed frustration that a widely-hailed biographical video of the candidate aired too early at last month's GOP convention in Tampa to be viewed by millions of prime-time TV watchers.

The campaign seems to have gotten the message.

A Paul Ryan campaign rally at Christopher Newport University's Ferguson Center for the Arts kicked off Tuesday night with a showing of the video.

The event marked the third time that it has been shown at a Ryan rally in the past few days. It was aired at a campaign event in Oldsmar, Fla., on Saturday and again at a rally Tuesday morning in Dover, N.H.

Attendees at the Newport News event cheered at the video -- although some supporters sitting in the top rows onstage booed when the giant video screen descended right in front of them, blocking their view.


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