#5in5: Tallying up a week on the campaign trail

September 28, 2012

Ed O'Keefe is wrapping up his "5 in 5" road trip through Ohio and Pennsylvania today. He visited five congressional districts in five days. Here's a look at some of the stats from his trip: 

Rental car: GMC Terrain
Miles traveled: 
Most expensive gallon of gas:  $3.99 in Grove City, Pa. 
Cheapest gallon of gas: $3.79 in Canton, Ohio
Most overplayed song: Taylor Swift's "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together"
Times he heard it: 11 and counting
Panera Bread meals:

Incumbent House candidates interviewed: 6 (two are running against one another)
Challengers interviewed: 4 (including one former congressman running again)
Blog posts:  26 (See them all here on 2Chambers)

Natalie Jennings is a Web producer for PostTV.
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