Who won the debate?

Who won the debate? On Twitter, in snap polls, and even in President Obama's campaign the answer appears clear: Mitt Romney won.




If you want a deeper discussion, at noon on Thursday associate editor Robert Kaiser will moderate a discussion here on the the first showdown between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Kaiser writes:

For many years I did these discussions immediately after a debate ended -- fun, but hurried and not always thoughtful. This time we thought we'd try the day after to see how a 14-hour delay affects both readers and this old commentator, who, if the truth be told, has seen every presidential debate since Kennedy vs. Nixon in 1960, when I was a college freshman.

A few questions that I hope readers might answer in submissions to the chat: Did your candidate disappoint or thrill you last night? And if you are one of the small number who still doesn't have a candidate, did you see anything that swayed you? Was the debate too wonky? Did either man connect with you personally? Did either man offend you by distorting what you think of as the truth?  Were you surprised by anything during the debate, either anything that was said, or the manner of either candidate?

Comments and questions on any aspect of the debate are welcome. See you at noon tomorrow

(Want to prepare for the discussion by pouring over the transcript? Read it here. The Fix's first thoughts on the debate are here; Winners & Losers are here. Wonkblog's debate footnotes are here. And all Glenn Kessler's fact checks are here.)

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