Romney: No abortion legislation on his agenda

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney told the Des Moines Register Tuesday that legislation regulating abortion would not be a part of his agenda, prompting the Obama campaign to suggest he was trying to confuse women voters about his position on the emotionally charged issue.

“There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,” Romney told the Register’s editorial board, according to a story posted on the paper's web site.

Romney said, however, that he would use an executive order to reinstate a policy that bans U.S. foreign aid from being used to perform or promote abortions, he said. President  Obama repealed the "Mexico City" policy shortly after he took office in 2009.

Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith told the Associated Press: “We know the truth about where he stands on a woman’s right to choose: He’s said he’d be delighted to sign a bill banning all abortions, and called Roe v. Wade ‘one of the darkest moments in Supreme Court history,’ while pledging to appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn it. Women simply can’t trust him.”

Andrea Saul, Romney's spokeswoman, told the Associated Press that Romney has not changed his position on abortion. “Mitt Romney is proudly pro-life, and he will be a pro-life president,” she said.





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