What to read before the debate

Lexington, Kentucky's Centre College, where tonight's vice presidential debate will be held. (Felicia Sonmez/Washington Post)

Looking for some vice presidential debate context, or just something to do between now and 9 p.m.? Here's our roundup of biographical, factual, and statistical data to help you prepare for the thrill in the 'Ville.

* The best Paul Ryan profiles and the best Joe Biden profiles.

* All the relevant factchecks.

* The latest news out of Libya.

* The Ryan budget, 2013 edition, and our analysis of it. This budget is more generous than an earlier version scored by the Congressional Budget Office. 

* President Obama's 2013 budget, broken down by agency.

* A Tax Policy Center analysis of what will happen if Congress lets the country go over the fiscal cliff. 

* Ezra Klein's 2010 interview with Ryan, in which he talks about how rationing should work. 

* The influence of Catholicism on Biden and Ryan. 

* Ryan's history on education policy.

* The issues where Ryan and Mitt Romney differ.

* The New York Times report that Ryan advised House Republicans against a "grand bargain" with President Obama on the debt.

* A 1998 Slate analysis of Joe Biden's plagiarism. 

* A New Yorker article noting Elizabeth Warren's past criticism of Biden, which Republicans are highlighting today. 

Rachel Weiner covers local politics for The Washington Post.
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