An exhausted voter in Ohio

November 6, 2012

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio -- Al Bennett, 64, a retired power company lineman, walked out of a suburban Cleveland polling station Tuesday and said to nobody in particular, "Can I put my phone on the hook tonight? I've had it off for about a week."

Bennett, like many in this most coveted of all swing states, has grown disgusted with the relentless campaigning of both sides. The calls started at 9 a.m. and kept going until 9 p.m. he said. Finally, he gave up on the land line and started using his cell phone exclusively. Somehow the campaigns didn't have that.

Indeed, while Ohioans are splitting sharply on their preferences for president, they are remarkably unified in craving relief from politicking after the most relentless campaign season many can recall.

Bennett, as it turns out, cast a ballot for Romney, reversing his vote from 2008, when he supported President Obama. He also recently changed his registration from Democrat to Republican. "I don't believe we have any right to kill unborn babies," Bennett explained. He also opposes gay marriage. "My Bible tells me that it's for a man and a woman."

But mostly, Bennett craves peace.

"I've got Pat Boone calling me, everybody!" Bennett said. "I think everybody's fed up with it."

Craig Timberg is a national technology reporter for The Post.
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