Views from the voting lines

November 6, 2012

At 8 a.m., in Arlington, Va., 644 people were lined up outside an apartment building polling station, almost all of them late for work. "I'm glad to see everyone out, it doesn't matter who they're voting for," said Emma Durazzo, 84, who works at the Pentagon and, in 28 years in the neighborhood, has never seen lines like this on Election Day. She had noticed the lights of cars pulling into the parking lot before dawn from her apartment building next door, and hurried over. "The vote is important to me. I've been through civil rights... I remember when we didn't have this," said Durazzo, who is African American. " I don't mind waiting."

Here are other scenes from around the region.

Clarendon, Va. (Molly Gannon via Instagram)

Washington, D.C. (Ned Martel via Instagram)


Eastern Market, Washington, D.C. (Natalie Jennings via Instagram)


Fifteen Street Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C. (Wilson Andrews via Instagram)
Susan Svrluga is a reporter for the Washington Post, covering higher education for the Grade Point blog.
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