Real Joe Biden talks to Onion Joe Biden

January 18, 2013

Joe Biden stole a piece of the fun from The Onion on Friday, sending a question to his satirical alter ego's Reddit chat.

Tweets that include -VP, as this one does, are written by Biden himself.

The Onion released an ebook Friday called "The President of Vice, " an autobiography of the rowdy caricature frequently featured on the site with his signature Pontiac Trans-Am. To promote the book, the fake Joe Biden is participating in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread.

"Diamond Joe Biden's" Reddit AMA has drawn hundreds comments. You can follow it here, though, like the character it is based on, the thread is not suitable for work. One reader posted the actual vice president's query, and Diamond Joe has responded: "Those glorified Camaros aint good for nothing but smokin' the tires."

Natalie Jennings is a Web producer for PostTV.
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