A guide to Michelle Obama’s guests

February 12, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama and her guests. A few attendees are cut out of this photograph. (Melina Mara/Washington Post)

We broke down the list of First Lady's Michelle Obama's guests earlier today, but what do they look like? The White House has provided guidance:

First Row (left to right): Sgt. Sheena Adams, Nathaniel Pendleton, Cleopatra Pendleton, FLOTUS, Menchu Sanchez, Dr. Jill Biden, Kaitlin Roig, Alan Aleman, Bobak Ferdowsi and Abby Schanfield

Second Row (left to right): Governor Kitzhaber, Deb Carey, Tim Cook, Amanda McMillan, Lt. Brian Murphy, Marie Lopez Rogers, Bradley Henning, Susan Bumgarner

Third Row (left to right): Tracey Hepner, Haile Thomas, Lee Maxwell, Sgt. Carlos Evans, Valerie Jarrett, Jack Andraka and Pete Hudson

Fourth Row (left to right): Desiline Victor, Lisa Richards

Rachel Weiner covers local politics for The Washington Post.
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