Poll: Rift forming between tea party, rest of GOP

October 16, 2013

There is a growing rift between tea party supporters and the rest of the Republican Party, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.

The poll shows moderate Republicans' views of the tea party have dropped from 46 percent favorable in June to 27 percent favorable today -- a 19-point decline in just four months time.

Democrats are also more critical of the tea party, with a majority -- 51 percent -- now viewing the movement "very unfavorably." That number was 40 percent in June.

The GOP is also split when it comes to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). While 47 percent of tea partiers had a favorable view of Cruz in June, that number is now 74 percent, compared to just 8 percent unfavorable.

Among Republicans who don't back the tea party, though, Cruz's unfavorable rating has increased from 16 percent to 31 percent.

Cruz is actually "underwater" among non-tea party Republicans, with just 25 percent rating him favorably.

Aaron Blake covers national politics and writes regularly for The Fix.
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Aaron Blake · October 16, 2013