Boehner noncommittal about vote on GOP health-care bill

December 3, 2013

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Tuesday declined to commit to allowing a vote on a GOP-drafted health-care plan next year.

Boehner and other top Republicans held a news conference at which they said they espoused a "patient-driven" approach to health care rather than Obamacare.

"The American people want to be able to pick their own type of health insurance, they want to be able to pick their own doctor, they want to be able to pick their own hospital," Boehner said. "That's what a patient-centered system looks like."

Pressed on whether the GOP-controlled House would produce a bill along those lines and allow a vote on it in 2014, Boehner said: "We'll see."

Democrats have long said that Republicans aren't willing to propose their own legislation and have instead just criticized Obamacare.

Aaron Blake covers national politics and writes regularly for The Fix.
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Aaron Blake · December 3, 2013