McDaniel campaign keeps moving toward challenge of Mississippi runoff results

Tea party candidate Chris McDaniel. (REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman/Files)

A lawyer for state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R) said Monday that his campaign is continuing to look at how many ineligible voters cast ballots in the runoff election he lost last month to Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) as it moves toward an expected legal challenge of the results.

Mitch Tyner, lead counsel for McDaniel's campaign, said Monday marked the first time campaign representatives were able to "go into the courthouses, look in the ballot boxes and determine exactly what is contained in there." He said the campaign was also reviewing absentee votes, which he said were "very ripe" for voter fraud.

Cochran defeated McDaniel by some 6,700 votes in the June 24 runoff. McDaniel has refused to concede defeat and has repeatedly raised concerns about ineligible voters casting ballots in the runoff.  Tyner said any challenge would first be submitted to the state GOP executive committee, then later be filed for judicial review.

The Cochran campaign said it continues to believe the runoff results clearly demonstrated that Cochran was the winner.

"We have representatives at all 82 courthouses today to monitor the review of ballot boxes and have been pleased with the results," said Cochran spokesman Jordan Russell in a statement. "The county-by-county results reported thus far are revealing an extremely low number of crossover votes from the June 24th election. As the process moves forward, the conversation is shifting from wild, baseless accusations to hard facts."

Tyner said, "We're surprised at the amount of evidence that continues to come forward that shows us that there has indeed been election fraud in this case."

Sean Sullivan has covered national politics for The Washington Post since 2012.
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Sean Sullivan · July 7, 2014