Obama admits his basketball shot is ‘broke’

July 24, 2014

LOS ANGELES - Does President Obama no longer have game?

Obama, whose affinity for basketball is well-documented, apparently doesn't have much of a shot any more.

Speaking with a group of men at an unscheduled stop at Canter's Deli here, Obama, who will turn 53 in Aug. 4, said that his age is getting to him.

"My shot's broke," Obama said as he held up his arm as though he was going to make a free throw. "It's my elbow," he said. "It's my age. I get the chicken wing."

But don't feel too bad -- Obama said he can still make eight out of 10 shots. Just not in a game.

According to Politico, Obama has curtailed his basketball playing in favor of golf, a game which has a lower risk of injury.

This isn't the first time during this West Coast trip that Obama has complained about himself. He told a fundraiser Wednesday that many of them remember him without gray hair.

"You’re chronicling the slow deterioration of Barack Obama," he said.

Katie Zezima covers the White House for Post Politics and The Fix.
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