Harkin: We should have done single payer health reform

The veteran Iowa senator has a less-than-glowing review of the Affordable Care Act, and is suggesting that Democrats should have considered scrapping the bill altogether.

Tim Kaine wants congressional authorization of Iraq airstrikes

Senator is a longtime advocate for overhauling the War Powers Act.

Democrats offer sharper critique of GOP border bills in Spanish

Votes on the House GOP border bills surely will lead the Univision and Telemundo evening newscasts, and it's a sure bet that much of what these congressmen said will appear prominently.

House easily approves VA overhaul bill

The measure is expected to be quickly approved by the Senate, capping months of talks about revamping the VA health system.

Senate border bill clears first procedural hurdle

The measure would provide most, but not all of the funding President Obama is seeking to deal with the influx of migrants from Central America.

With four days to go until recess, can Congress get it all done?

Several big issues -- veterans' health care, highway construction funding and how to deal with the U.S.-Mexico border -- remain unresolved with just hours to go until recess.

House, Senate negotiators reach deal on veterans bill

A deal is set for announcement Monday with just four legislative days left until the summer recess.

House Republicans unveil plan to deal with border crisis

When the House might vote on the recommendations and formally respond to President Obama's request for emergency funding remains unclear.

Reid fears gridlock will upend border, veterans’ measures

The Senate leader once again blames Republicans for stalling measures to help the VA and deal with influx of child migrants.

House staffer arrested for carrying weapon into House building

Republican staffer arrested Friday morning.

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