Brennan, Rubio spar over detention centers

"Why shouldn't the U.S. intelligence community have facilities for detaining and questioning terrorist suspects in such cases?" Rubio asked.

By Joby Warrick February 7, 2013

Republicans threaten to block Brennan over Benghazi

Republicans repeated a threat to block Brennan's confirmation if the CIA failed to turn over additional documents about the U.S. response to the terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate.

By Joby Warrick February 7, 2013

Brennan: We should acknowledge unintended drone deaths

Sen. Ron Wyden had a pointed question for Brennan on civilian casualties of drone strikes. Wyden asked Brennan how – not if – the U.S. should publicly acknowledge when a drone strike had inadvertently killed civilians.

By Max Fisher February 7, 2013