McSally win gives GOP historic majority in House

The House GOP will begin the 114th Congress with 247 seats, the most since the Great Depression.

Why Elizabeth Warren does not equal Ted Cruz

What the weekend spending debate showed us.

How Democrats quietly backed Greg Orman (Hint: It’s been done before)

Donate late enough in a campaign and you don't get found out until after the election.

Here’s how Landrieu’s ‘kitchen sink’ strategy against Cassidy has sounded

The underdog Democrat has effectively tried every possible attack.

Cassidy to resurface on campaign trail with Ernst after laying low this week

He's been the invisible man on the campaign trail the past few days.

Rep. Cedric Richmond accuses Cassidy of playing to ‘old Southern attitudes’ on race

"I think it's the imagery of Mary next to the president, every chance he can get."

Santorum campaigns for absent Cassidy, slamming Obama

Santorum hits the stump in the last Senate race of 2014.

Landrieu ‘extremely disappointed’ with DSCC

The Democrat says her party's national campaign arm abandoned her in the runoff.

Landrieu accuses Cassidy of being ‘disrespectful’ to Obama

"He refers to him by his last name. Constantly."

Landrieu ad claims GOP will impeach Obama if Cassidy wins

The underdog Democrat has just days left to make an unlikely comeback.

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