Under corruption cloud, Sen. Menendez lashes out — at Vladimir Putin

The top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee successfully avoided reporters' questions.

Are you an unruly House Republican? You probably did well on this list.

The new Club for Growth scorecard speaks volumes about the discord in GOP circles.

The battle for the soul of the Democratic Party will get a preview in Maryland

Chris Van Hollen vs. Donna Edwards could be the Hillary Clinton vs. Elizabeth Warren race many progressives want.

Rep. Candice Miller (R-Mich.) to retire

The Michigan Republican was first elected in 2002.

Rep. Andy Harris, considering Senate run, floats defunding the White House

As he ponders statewide office, Maryland's only congressional Republican adopts a hard-line conservative talking point.

Obama’s Keystone veto will stand after Senate vote fails

Eight Democrats vote to override veto, but bid falls short.

Bipartisan bill to review Iran deal is now looking a lot less bipartisan

Key Democratic senators drop support for bill after Mitch McConnell takes bill to Senate floor.

Split over ‘tactics’ is to blame for DHS funding impasse, House GOP leaders say

The defeat of a House DHS bill is not a sign of a more profound rift between conservative and moderate Republican factions, they insist.

‘You coward,’ top House Democrat tells GOP counterpart

Republicans and Democrats snipe back and forth over the impending lapse of funding for the Department of Homeland Security

On marijuana, House Republicans have few options to curb D.C.

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