Cisco CEO asks Obama to curtail surveillance, according to reports

Reports come after company's top lawyer called for the government to codify rules

Rand Paul calls for bipartisan committee to investigate intelligence agencies

Kentucky senator said he'll call for bipartisan investigation into CIA, NSA practices.

Edward Snowden speaks at South by Southwest (Video)

Speaking at South by Southwest, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden says that the NSA is "setting fire to the future of the Internet."

Snowden: I’m not a spy — for Russia or anybody else

House intelligence committee Chairman Mike Rogers's (R-Mich.) insinuated Sunday that Snowden earned his asylum in Russia by sharing information.

Americans unmoved by Obama’s NSA speech

About three-fourths of those who paid attention say Obama's ideas won't increase privacy protections.

Tech firms say Obama’s proposals fall short of expectations

Technology and telecom firms said the reforms President Obama laid out in his speech were a good first step but fell short of their hopes to significantly change the government’s vast surveillance program.

What the NSA reforms don’t do

The reforms only target one NSA surveillance program

  • Vincent Bzdek
  • ·
  • Jan 17, 2014

Five big takeaways from Obama’s NSA speech

Here the major changes in U.S. policy on conducting surveillance both at home and abroad that Obama is proposing.

Live updates: Obama’s NSA reforms

Follow along with our live updates on President Obama's speech.

Obama to call for NSA phone data to require court order

The president will lay out his plan in a speech this morning.

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