How New Yorkers feel about the NYPD

What a difference a year makes.

Democrats and Republicans are looking more and more alike to Latino voters

Thirty-five percent now see no difference in which party has more concern.

What role should religion play in politics? Americans are split down the middle

About half want houses of worship to stay out. The other half wants them to weigh in.

How Republicans are ‘out-thinking’ Democrats in the midterms

Republicans are more captivated by the midterms than Democrats, a Gallup poll shows.

Blacks give police lower marks than whites, poll shows

The public as a whole is skeptical about police performance. But blacks are much more skeptical than whites.

Poll: Majority of voters approve of U.S. airstrikes in Iraq

65 percent to be exact, according to a new Fox News survey.

America’s quickly rising concern about immigration, in one chart

It's no longer just "the economy, stupid."

Sarah Palin talks a lot about politics. Most voters don’t want to hear it.

Fifty-four percent have heard enough, a new poll shows.

Is the GOP the party of the wealthy? Many Americans think so.

About one in five say so in a new poll.

Do you think Obama is better than George W. Bush? Depends on your party and age.

A new Quinnipiac poll shows voters are split.

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