Rubio eyeing a Miami landmark as he gets closer to setting a formal launch date

The senator's aides don't deny reports in the Tampa Bay Times that he's reserved space at Miami's iconic Freedom Tower for a possible announcement on April 13.

Jeb Bush resigns from board of timber and real estate firm

Move seen as another step toward a possible presidential run.

Ted Cruz denies GOP plans for government shutdown

The White House is the only one talking up a shutdown, Cruz says.

Ben Carson, get ready for your closeup

The former neurosurgeon has little chance of making it past the early 2016 primaries.

Haley Barbour to tea party: ‘Reagan compromised on everything’

Barbour: "It’s idiocy to think 60 million (Republican voters) can agree on everything."

Phil Robertson: GOP needs to ‘get Godly’

The Duck Dynasty star is the main attraction at the Republican Leadership Conference.

Conservatives largely silent on CBS’s pick of Colbert

Some have even praised the pick.

Sheldon Adelson plans VIP dinner for Jeb Bush at GOP gathering in Vegas

The former Florida governor and other potential 2016 presidential candidates will attend the exclusive Republican gathering next week.

Rand Paul: GOP needs to ‘agree to disagree’ on social issues

The Kentucky senator says some Republicans don't want to be "festooned" with such issues.

Perry: Nugent’s ‘subhuman mongrel’ comment wasn’t racist

Perry did say the comment was wrong and asked for Nugent to apologize.

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