Ted Cruz makes first campaign appearance as presidential candidate in New Hampshire

Republicans are about to take the reins in Congress. Half the public thinks that’s a bad thing.

A majority don't think the GOP has a mandate.

RNC chair: Obama throwing ‘kerosene’ on ‘fire’ if he acts on immigration

Reince Priebus warns President Obama.

Dick Cheney ‘stunned’ Obama mentioned Ferguson in U.N. speech

The former vice president criticized Obama's decision.

Arizona GOP official resigns after controversial comments

Russell Pearce is out after controversial comments about contraception and Medicaid.

Christian group president calls Ted Cruz’s reaction ‘unfortunate’

IDC President Toufic Baaklini was not pleased with the way the Republican senator handled things.

House plans to spend up to $350,000 on Obama suit

Contract reveals details of GOP plan to sue the president.

Approval of Christie reaches three-year low in New Jersey

Bad news back home for the potential 2016 presidential candidate.

Karl Rove: ‘Shame’ on Obama, conservatives for impeachment chatter

The Republican strategist blames the left and the right.

Sarah Palin launches online channel as she rips ‘media filters’

Palin says she's fed up with traditional media. So she's starting her own channel.

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