Judge strikes down Wisconsin Voter ID law

District Judge Lynn Adelman ruled that the state didn't make a compelling case that voter fraud exists.

Pennsylvania judge strikes down state’s voter ID law

The law, which was passed before the 2012 election, had already been delayed.

  • Aaron Blake and Juliet Eilperin
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  • Jan 17, 2014
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N.C. GOP precinct chairman resigns after using racial slurs on ‘Daily Show’

Buncombe County GOP Precinct Chairman Don Yelton used the N-word and referred to "lazy blacks" while discussing the state's new Voter ID law with the show.

McCrory attacks media, compares voter fraud to insider trading

The North Carolina governor decries "hypocritical national reporting."

Colin Powell criticizes North Carolina’s new voting law

The former secretary of state, a Republican, said the law "turns off a voting bloc the Republican Party needs."

Judge delays Pennsylvania Voter ID law again

A Pennsylvania judge on Friday ruled that the state cannot enforce its Voter ID law during the 2013 election -- citing an ongoing legal battle.

North Carolina governor signs extensive Voter ID law

The move is likely to touch off one of the biggest court battles over voting rights.

Pennsylvania’s voter ID law goes on trial today

A trial has started challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania's voter identification law, one of the strictest in the nation.