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Posted at 12:00 PM ET, 05/27/2013

Chatological Humor: Traffic laws

You are sitting at a red light that you know to be a long one.  You can see great distances to the left and right, and no cars are coming.  It is completely safe to go through the light.   The odds of there being a stoplight camera here are slim.

You are stuck in a near-standstill traffic jam on a highway.   Your exit is a half mile away, and there is a clear path to it on the emergency-only shoulder, which is empty.

There is a law against talking on a handheld cell phone when driving.  You are driving.  You need to make a call.  You are on a highway where it is highly unlikely you will be seen by a police officer.  Traffic is light.   The drive is easy.

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By  |  12:00 PM ET, 05/27/2013

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