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White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2014

Full coverage from the speeches, parties and red carpet from the Post’s Style reporters.

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White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner: A theme party has little to do with D.C.

And so it begins: The annual bacchanal known as the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. What started as a small gathering for White House reporters, an all-white, all-male enclave of powe...

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Roxanne Roberts
May 2, 11:22 am
  • Roxanne Roberts May 2, 11:22 am

These celebrities shook up a sleepy industry dinner

Post reporter Roxanne Roberts explains how a few celebrities changed the course of an otherwise quiet event.

Cara Kelly
May 2, 11:26 am
  • Cara Kelly May 2, 11:26 am

Foreign Affairs, Devex, UN Foundation party notes

On Thursday night the president–well at least according to ABC–christened the White House Correspondents’ Association weekend at Devex and Foreign Affairs magazine’s “Global Beat” party at the U.N Foundation, co-sponsored by Washington Life.

Read more about the party here.






Cara Kelly
May 2, 11:55 am
  • Cara Kelly May 2, 11:55 am

12-year-old DJ Beauty & the Beatz livens up Foreign Affairs magazine party

DJ Beauty & the Beatz appeared to be the youngest attendee at the White House correspondents’ dinner pre-party Thursday night hosted by Devex and Foreign Affairs magazine. And she was definitely the second most popular among party goers, after “Scandal’s” Tony Goldwyn.

The 12-year-old local DJ kept the party of foreign affairs wonks living up to its name, “Global Beat,” with a set that included artists like Lorde, Jay-Z and Iggy Azalea.

This was not even close to her first professional event. Just last week, DJ Beauty & the Beatz, whose real name is Sierra Roundtree, was at the White House DJing the Easter Egg Roll.

She’s been spinning since she was 7-years-old and started professionally a year later. She would bring along crates to her early gigs just so she could reach the table.

Roundtree has opened for rapper Sage the Gemini, works with VH1′s non-profit “Save the Music,” and even teaches her own masterclass for young, aspiring deejays.

Given her age, there are some rules set by her parents. “Regulations are paying attention to the lyrics of the music. Making sure it’s clean because of her age,” said her mom and manager, Takicha Roundtree.

This young entertainer has some big plans to become a worldwide deejay and to advocate for women in music through a business she wants to start and has already named, “Girl DJs Rock.”

JulieAnn McKellogg
May 2, 11:58 am
  • JulieAnn McKellogg May 2, 11:58 am
JulieAnn McKellogg
May 2, 12:01 pm
  • JulieAnn McKellogg May 2, 12:01 pm

Women in Journalism party notes

The celebration of women in journalism that P.R. maven Gloria Dittus threw on Thursday night to kick off the weekend of festivities surrounding the White House Correspondents Association Dinner felt like a moment to take a breath.

Read more about the party here.





Emily Heil
May 2, 12:06 pm
  • Emily Heil May 2, 12:06 pm

Rock the Vote party notes

The vibe at the Rock the Vote party at the Hierarchy Gallery was more up-and-comers than who’s who. Read more here.


Cara Kelly
May 2, 12:11 pm
  • Cara Kelly May 2, 12:11 pm

Politico's Playbook breakfast highlights

Report from Ben Terris:

The blending of real and fake Washington reached some kind of apotheosis this morning at the Woolly Mammoth Theater, where Mike Allen interviewed two semi-famous actors from the television show “Scandal” and two of their less recognizable counterparts.

On “Scandal,” Dan Bucatinsky played a former White House journalist who sleeps with the President’s chief of staff and then becomes the Press Secretary. Jeff Perry, plays that Chief of Staff. The two took to the stage with Dee Dee Myers and Andy Card, who held the same roles for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush respectively (minus the relationship of course…). “Serious question,” Mike Allen said at one point. “Is Fitz a good president?” “He’s got a swimmer’s build, so who cares,” Bucatinsky said of the fake president on “Scandal.” The actors also got to hear from Myers and Card what the job was actually like. Card said one of the hardest parts of the job was just keeping the president fed and on schedule.”It’s so spousal, it’s amazing,” Bucatinsky said in response.


Myers, for her part, is used to this overlap of Hollywood and D.C. She has been called the inspiration for the character C.J. on the West Wing, and helped consult on the show. Recently, she took a job with Warner Brothers.

“[I've lived] between real Washington and fake Washington before,” she said. “I’m excited about it.”

During Allen’s first panel he interviewed YouTube sensation Robby Novak, the 10-year old better known as Kid President. Novak talked about the time he visited the White House, and because this is the kind of thing kids do, he licked the wall.​

“I have a question that I’ve never asked before and will never ask again,” Allen said. “What does the White House taste like.”

“It tastes like silk,” Novak shouted.

Kid President also told Allen he kissed Beyonce once. “What was she like,” Allen asked.


Cara Kelly
May 2, 12:49 pm
  • Cara Kelly May 2, 12:49 pm

White House correspondent, Lesley Clark, gets a surprise in the Rose Garden

Lesley Clark, the White House reporter for McClatchy newspapers, got a nice surprise on Friday: She was the first reporter called on by President Obama during his Rose Garden press conference with German chancellor Angela Merkel. It typically isn’t this easy — or nearly this glamorous — for the White House correspondent.  Read more about the life of a White House Correspondent here.

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 30: Lesley Clark, a White House reporter for McClatchy Newspapers, in the briefing room on April, 30, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

Lesley Clark, a White House reporter for McClatchy Newspapers, in the briefing room on April, 30, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Paul Farhi
May 2, 2:10 pm
  • Paul Farhi May 2, 2:10 pm

At the Creativity Conference, hanging out with Vice President Biden and Teen Wolf

One minute, a guy dressed as Teen Wolf runs through the audience; a few seconds later, it’s “Please welcome Vice President Joe Biden!” That’s just sort of the way it goes at the Creativity Conference, an annual Hollywood and tech-themed event that takes place during White House Correspondents’ Dinner weekend. This year’s gathering, held Friday at the Newseum, featured three main themes: Promoting movies and TV shows from various company sponsors; the importance of copyright laws; and one day, we will all live among robots. (That last bit came courtesy of a panel titled “Could ‘HER’ Become Reality?” in which 3D technology experts confirmed that in the near future, we will all be born with robot companions that anticipate our every need. It was terrifying.)

Beyond sci-fi talk, there was star power in the form of the vice president (who stopped by before a lunch meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel), delivering a speech on protecting intellectual property. Talking about the days when a “camcorder was about the size of a golf bag” but people still sneaked recorders into movie theaters, he said, issues concerning illegal bootleg content have only gotten worse over time. Still, he urged creative types in the crowd to keep fighting. “The wealth of a nation is found in the creative mind of its people,” Biden said, adding in a message to movie and TV makers, “You are the face of American culture to the rest of the world.” Then: Lots of product placement. With Disney-owned ABC News as a sponsor (along with the Motion Picture Association of America, Microsoft and many others), the crowd was treated to sneak peeks of lots of Disney movies. Tony Goldwyn, star of ABC’s “Scandal,” spoke on a panel about how social media builds an audience. Goldwyn, who admitted he was initially “terrified” of Twitter, said the stars tweeting along with during the D.C.-set primetime soap is one of the main reasons it became a hit. Fellow panelist, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, also said whenever he’s in pitch meetings with networks, an essential ingredient for any project is the the “tweetability” of it all.


Oh, and Teen Wolf? That was a promo for Syfy’s makeup artist competition reality show “Face Off.” (Artist Tyler Green transformed his brother into the werewolf over the span of the conference.) Meanwhile, a floor above, a costumed minion from Universal’s “Despicable Me” movies danced around; elsewhere, a long line of eager attendees waited to get a photo with the Iron Throne, the iconic set piece from “Game of Thrones,” which was also on display, thanks to sponsor HBO.

Emily Yahr
May 2, 3:38 pm
  • Emily Yahr May 2, 3:38 pm
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