Selfies with King Juan Carlos? Just your typical Tuesday at the Kennedy Center.

The multilingual king, 77, now travels extensively promoting Spanish culture and businesses.

The best job in Washington will soon be open

Peter Cressy, the CEO of the Distilled Spirits Council, will retire at the end of the year.

‘The Voice’ contender is a D.C. lawyer by day, country crooner by night

Jack Gregori, now on Team Adam, is a regular at Madam's Organ.

Actress Uzo Aduba (and everyone else) could hardly wait for Hillary Clinton’s big speech at the Emily’s List gala

When Clinton finally made it to the podium at 10:08 p.m., the crowd, some of whom were on their second cup of coffee by then, leaped to its feet.

Cause Celeb: former ‘Supernanny’ Jo Frost lobbies Hill on vaccinations

The no-nonsense child-care expert didn't even have to resort to her famous time-out chair.

Telemundo star Ana Maria Polo dines at Del Campo

The lawyer is known as the Latina Judge Judy.

We talk to the new stars of ‘Sharknado’ Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter

Coulter's inspiration? Joe Biden.

‘House of Cards’ is everywhere — even in an Israeli political ad

Michael Oren, the former ambassador to the U.S., ties together Washington's two favorite subjects: the Netflix series and Israel.

One thing that’s real about Frank Underwood’s Washington? The TV reporters.

The Netflix drama might be over-the-top, but a handful of TV journos lend some reality to the mix.

An immigrant student invited a Supreme Court justice to dinner. She took him up on it.

The chef at Meridian Pint met the justice when she visited his school. He issued a bold invitation -- and she took him up on it.

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