‘Game Change’: Stars offer their campaign suggestions at the premiere

What game change could 2012 use? That’s the question Dan Zak asked the celebrities who attended Thursday night’s premiere of the HBO film ”Game Change” at the Newseum. Here are their suggestions for shaking this election up.

Sarah Paulson, who plays senior campaign adviser Nicolle Wallace in the film: “I'd like to see Viola Davis as president. She's formidable, fierce and a great actress — those could be assets for a president.”

(Dan Zak)

When asked what game change 2012 could use, Mark Halperin, political analyst and co-author of the book the film is based upon, replied: “A Martian invasion.”

(Dan Zak)

Danny Strong, who adapted the book for HBO, thinks that the 2012 game change could be “a brokered convention,” he said. “I want to see that movie. I bet you we would end up with a candidate that's not in the race right now."

(Dan Zak)

Julianne Moore, who plays Sarah Palin, offers up her game change: “I suppose if one of the candidates were drafted.”

(Dan Zak)

Jay Roach, who directed “Game Change,” isn’t sure what would shake up the election. “If I knew the answer to that, I'd be a campaign manager,” he said.

(Dan Zak)

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