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Posted at 09:05 AM ET, 08/28/2012

Read this, Tampa edition: David Bossie, BeBe Winans, ‘Newt U,’ Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathleen Turner, ‘2016’

Other interesting Washington Post stories from the Republican National Convention.

(Lauren Victoria Burke/AP)

“You know what? I’d love for you to print my address in the newspaper article so that the Koch brothers know where to find me.”

— Citizens United President David Bossie, who paved the way for the new super PACs but somehow hasn’t drawn their kind of megabucks. (From Jason Horowitz’s report: As super PACs reap windfall, Citizens United can only watch.)

Winans (Fred Prouser/Reuters)
Earlier in The Reliable Source: Did BeBe Winans lose a Democratic convention gig because he’s also singing at the Republican convention? . . . Conventions let losers “stage-manage their own political deaths,” writes David Fahrenthold, on the Tampa swan songs of Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann, Paul (and Cain, last seen Monday cutting to the front of the media center security line).

Elsewhere: Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Sarandon, Barbara Bush, other celebs line up for Maryland gay-marriage referendum. . . Peter Marks gives a good review to Kathleen Turner as liberal firebrand Molly Ivins at Arena Stage: “Opening the show while the Republicans are out of town is not a bad move” . . . What’s the deal with anti-Obama documentary “2016”? Dan Zak looks at the surprise box office hit.

Earlier in The Reliable Source:

Tampa musical acts: Some Republican stalwarts, but others cross party lines

Hottest bar in Tampa: Google’s free espresso bar

Jon Voight in Tampa: Hollywood’s new senior Republican

Love, etc.: Rosie O’Donnell weds Michelle Rounds

Lisa Ann, Sarah Palin impersonator, brings political message to Tampa strip club

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