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Posted at 01:41 PM ET, 06/11/2012

Read this: The [Scandal]gate complex; RFK Jr. divorce file released; John Bryson’s seizure; Robin Roberts

Other interesting stories in the Washington Post:

Where it all started. (AP file photo)
Darn you, Woodward and Bernstein. Before Watergate, our American scandals had excellent names, like “Teapot Dome” or “Whiskey Ring.” Now, everything’s gotta be a “-gate.” Monicagate, Weinergate, and too many Troopergates. Our colleague Monica Hesse wonders why. Oh, and what if Watergate never happened? Martha Sherrill mulled this question 20 years ago at the 20th anniversary and made the case that Elizabeth Taylor would have died years ago. (Huh? Well, go read it and see.)

In other news: More Kennedy family dirty laundry aired, all very sad. In a confidential affidavit obtained by the Daily Beast, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused his wife Mary, who killed herself last month, of abusing his children from a previous marriage and harassing him, reports the AP. . . . Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America” says she’s been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. . . And Commerce officials say a seizure played a role in Secretary John Bryson’s mysterious hit-and-run incident.

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