Reliable Source live discussion, today at noon: ‘Idol’s’ Gurpreet; Chris Santos; and more

Please join the Reliable Source weekly online discussion today at noon.

Gurpreet! Great voice, excellent color-coordination. (Michael Becker/Fox)

Local guy Gurpreet Singh Sarin turns into a national hero for Sikh-Americans after his vivid run on “American Idol.” Chris Santos devours a week’s worth of barbecue in small-town Maryland, leaves a $100 tip. Looks like Teddy Kennedy’s old house won’t be a historic landmark — a developer see it as a $45 million teardown. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Eun: Best Friends Forever. Introducing a new feature: Judd Watch. Bob Ney says John Boehner was all about “golf, women, cigarettes, fun, and alcohol,” like that’s a bad thing. You thought your relationship with your ex was complicated?: Check in with Mark and Jenny Sanford. Jamie Lee Curtis talks back to Seth MacFarlane. Scott Weiland is fired via press release. All the cute couples broke up. Is Michelle Obama growing her bangs out already? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger dating again?

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Amy Argetsinger is a staff writer for the Style section.
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Amy Argetsinger · March 6, 2013