Reliable Source live discussion: Obama’s prom, Connie Mack and Mary Bono, Cody Grimm, Katie O’Malley, Rob Lowe, Kelly Rowland

May 29, 2013
(Kelli Allman / Contact Press Images courtesy of Time) (Kelli Allman / Contact Press Images courtesy of Time)

Please join the Reliable Source weekly online live discussion today at noon. Wow, how about that Obama prom photo! Another sad Washington political divorce: Connie Mack and Mary Bono. A homegrown football hero has a rough homecoming. Maryland First Lady Katie O’Malley’s edgy photo fashion shoot – what does it mean?!?! National Geographic goes Hollywood for the first time, putting James Cameron on its cover. Kelly Rowland puts on quite a show. Whee, look! It’s Rob Lowe! Please, take everything you read about “Rodham” with a grain of salt. And heyyyy, laaaayyydeee comedians!: Jerry Lewis does not approve.

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