Local journo Brandon Wetherbee weathers the winter with this week’s mix

Apparently Mother Nature missed the memo that it’s spring because more cold weather is on the way. Sure, there will be a few 60-degree days thrown in between now and Tuesday’s temperature drop just to toy with our emotions, but this spring has definitely started off with the opposite of a bang. So to help battle your seasonal affective disorder (a real thing), we asked Brandon Wetherbee, host of the live late night talk show and podcast “You, Me, Them, Everybody,” to use his “aural clock” (not a real thing) to create this week’s playlist that charts the highs and lows of the winter blues.

Brandon Wetherbee, host of the podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody and managing editor of Brightest Young Things battling the snow in Adams Morgan (Photo courtesy of Brandon Wetherbee) Brandon Wetherbee, host of the podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody and managing editor of Brightest Young Things battling the snow in Adams Morgan (Photographer Kelsey Snell)

1. “It’s Summetime” — The Flaming Lips 

“I have hummed this song for the last 12 springs. I have not hummed it once in the actual summertime. Something triggers this ‘Yoshimi’ track to play every March. It may be the sound of things to come.”

2. “Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow” — Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

“It sure did snow a lot on Monday.”

3. “Cold, Cold, Cold” — The Handsome Family 

“No band sounds like never-ending winter more so than The Handsome Family.”

4. “BMW Man” — Local H 

“One of my favorite bands, in 2008 Local H released a concept album taking the listener through a year-long breakup. The result is the fantastic and depressing ’12 Angry Months.’ The March entry is ‘BMW Man.’ It’s not my favorite track on the record (that honors belongs to January’s ‘The One With ‘Kid”), but this song sounds like March. And it’s March.”

5. “Goth Beach Party” — Summer Girlfriends 

“I’m trying to convince the BYT offices that we need to start throwing shows in Chicago just so we can book Summer Girlfriends. A goth beach party sounds like a March activity.”

6. “Here Comes The Summer” — The Undertones 

“Right now, this song sounds like a lie. It’s a great song, but it’s still a lie.”

7. “Constructive Summer” — The Hold Steady 

“I realize it’s March. This song is about planning. We’re going to build something this summer. In order to build things, you need to make plans. That time is now. It’s time to figure out how much whiskey to buy for your double whiskey, coke, no ice.”

8. “It’s Raining” — The Detroit Cobras 

“My wife and I are big fans of The Detroit Cobras, especially their 2005 album ‘Baby.’ It’s easy to associate nearly any song of this album with any situation. Since we’re talking about a spring never coming, here’s ‘It’s Raining.'”

9. “Dry The Rain” — The Beta Band 

“I’m from Chicago. I worked in a movie theater when ‘High Fidelity’ came out in the theaters. I worked in record store when ‘High Fidelity’ was released on VHS/DVD. It’s impossible to hear this song and not think of being in Chicago in the spring.”


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