Jason Collins reunites with college roomie, Rep. Joe Kennedy

June 10, 2014

It was a roomie reunion when Jason Collins dropped by the office of his former Stanford University classmate Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) on Monday.

Collins, the country’s first openly gay NBA player, has been in Washington with a packed schedule of events around Capitol Pride week, but he made time for a half-hour visit with his college pal on Capitol Hill.

Just friends catching up — except that  one is a congressman and the other a pro ball player (and gay-rights icon) —  gabbing about NBA playoffs, a mutual college friend’s recent wedding, and Collins’s advocacy work.

One sign this wasn’t your typical VIP meet-and-greet: We’re told the congressman’s notoriously shy dog, Banjo, even ventured out from his hiding spot under a staffer’s desk to greet Collins.

We caught up with Collins last week about the new role he’s playing in pro sports:

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